Sotajumala / Torture Killer

Sotajumala / Torture Killer is the first split by Sotajumala. It was released on October 12th 2005 in CD and 7" vinyl format. It features two previously unreleased songs from both bands.

Track listing

  1. Sotajumala: 8:15
  2. Sotajumala: Bind, Torture, Kill
  3. Torture Killer: Day of Cadavers
  4. Torture Killer: Defiled and Dead


Mynni Luukkainen: vocals / Kosti Orbinski: guitar / Pete Lapio: guitar / Tomi Otsala: bass, backing vocals / Timo Häkkinen: drums.

Production notes

Engineering, mixing and mastering: Sami Koivisto / Artwork: Kalle Pyyhtinen.

Recorded and mixed at Biotech Audio Solutions, Vaasa, Finland on July 25th and 26th 2005. Mastered at Midas, Vaasa, Finland on July 27th 2005.