Everything must go!

Albums and merch, 20-75 % off of every order until the end of June, or until the stock runs out. Most of the proceeds go directly to fund our next release. Support a good cause.

(10 % we'll use to throw an end of fiscal year party. So, basically, the more money we make, the more male nudity you'll see later on. Told you it was a good cause. Go ahead and order something.)

Bandcamp is where the party is at


We're giving away all of our music!

We have acquired the rights to all of our old releases. We can now do whatever the fuck we want with our music. We want you to enjoy it.

Sounds good, let's do this!

Finland, Kangasniemi, Työväentalo Mind Factory, RUIN

Finland, Jyväskylä, Katse Shrapnel Storm